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Packable Rain Gear: A Must for Bass Anglers

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While living in the Ozarks of southern Missouri my entire life, I have been fortunate to be within a short driving distance of several small rivers home to some of the best smallmouth fishing in the country. In the spring and summer, I have made many trips in a flat-bottomed aluminum boat, motoring up and down the rivers, fishing every log and structure in hopes of catching a trophy smallmouth.

The fifty-two-inch-wide boats used for fishing are ideal for traveling the narrow shoals of the winding Ozark rivers. However, they do not have much room to pack extra gear that is not necessarily essential. Many fishing trips would often begin with clear skies and warm temperatures, and then, in a blink of an eye, a dark thundering cloud would pass over, bringing heavy rain, and unless we were prepared with the proper rain gear, we would end up soaked. That is where the new packable rain gear from Whitewater Fishing will save the day.

Packable Rain Gear

It would be easy to pull the boat to the bank and take cover when a pop-up shower takes over for a while, yet fishermen would miss out on an excellent time for fish to begin a feeding frenzy, often brought on by a storm, that can help fill the live well in a short time. Instead, having access to small packable rain gear that features the quality to allow anglers to keep casting, no matter how hard it is raining, is vital. Grabbing the Whitewater Packable Rain Jacket and Packable Rain Pants allows anglers to stay dry yet not burn up due to the breathable 100% polyester stretch fabric with DWR. Unlike cheaper rain gear, which can often be stiff, noisy, and hard to move in without feeling constricted or damaging the gear itself, the Packable Rain Jacket and Pants from Whitewater allow the ability to move freely while continuing to enjoy fishing. Plus, they come in small carrying pouches that can easily be stored in the boat without taking up much space.

Packable rain suit in stuff sack

Fishing In The Rain

Many anglers who haven’t spent much time fishing in drizzling or light rain are often curious if the fishing quality is enough to want to suit up and keep fishing.

For those bass fishing on freshwater, such as small rivers and lakes, the need to keep fishing in precipitating weather is essential. When a pop-up storm or rainy weather occurs, the barometric pressure drops; this simulates that of ringing the dinner bell for bass. Moments before the rain begins, and even when a light rain or drizzle is in progress, the pressure drop creates a feeding frenzy due to fish naturally knowing there is a change near, and bait fish will be easier to find.

When runoff occurs, baitfish and food particles swirl around in the water, creating a buffet of food for bass to begin feeding. When heavier rain ensues, the dry land runoff muddies the water coloring. Thus, this is the reason for the increased activity in bass before and during the rain.

Angler fishing in the rain

How To Fish

Because of the sudden change in the coloring and clarity of the water, fish can have a more challenging time seeing a lure. For that reason, using a lure with a shiny moving blade, such as a spinnerbait, can create an extra movement that bass can quickly respond to. Using a spinner bait also allows anglers to cover a lot of water quickly because of its ability to reel quicker and cast farther.

If the increasing movement doesn’t help get a bite, using a lure that creates noise can also be beneficial. Using a chatter bait, buzz bait, or another top-water lure that creates a lot of movement and noise can often result in additional fish biting. As with using the spinnerbait, anglers can also use a fast and steady retrieval to cover a large area of water while trying to search for where the congregation of fish is feeding the most.

When a spring shower or summer rain occurs out of nowhere, the angler should be prepared to stay dry and comfortable by having access to their Whitewater Fishing Packable Rain Jacket and Pants. When the rain is done, the angler can quickly pack up their gear, store it back in its place, and stay comfortable for the remainder of their trip. Anglers that have spent ample time fishing know that the feeding frenzies that commonly occur moments before or during the rain can often be short-lived. Having the gear to keep fishing during the increased activity can help turn a slow day of fishing into one of the best days of catching that one has ever experienced.