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Student Discount

Program Overview

Whitewater Fishing is a proud supporter of collegiate and high school fishing programs. The following information outlines our official Student Angler Program that has been designated to assist members of school-sanctioned fishing teams and clubs in receiving exclusive discounts on Whitewater Fishing gear. We encourage you to present this amazing opportunity to your team/club which was created to help promote young anglers to get more involved in fishing and the preservation of the future of fishing.

Fishing Team/Club Eligibility

Any college or high school fishing team/club that is interested in joining the Whitewater Student Angler Program must be recognized by the school’s administration and have a designated team coach, advisor, or supervisor. Any team/club that meets these requirements and agrees to tag Whitewater Fishing in their social media posts throughout their tournament season will be considered for enrollment. To enroll, please complete and submit the registration form below. Approved teams/clubs will be contacted by Whitewater Fishing to receive a 50% discount on all Whitewater gear. If you have any questions about the Whitewater Student Angler Program please contact us at [email protected]