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The Importance Of Proper Fishing Gear

Korey Sprengel fishing while wearing the whitewater tamer jacket

While on a weekend lake trip with a good friend when we were young teenagers, I learned the importance of proper fishing gear for every situation. 

After an afternoon of swimming in the lake, we were asked if we would like to join another friend for an evening of bass fishing. Before getting in the boat that afternoon, I had no idea how serious of a fisherman this gentleman could be. Approximately two hours before sunset, while on the boat, a dark rain cloud began to canopy over the top of the lake. After gathering my equipment to get ready for a quick boat ride back to our cabin, I realized this gentleman had no intentions of leaving. As the rain began to fall, he urged me to grab the fishing pole from the front deck with a black plastic worm already tied and start fishing. My first cast in the rain landed six inches on the opposite side of an exposed log. Immediately after the worm hit the water, a bass hit like that of Mark McGwire hitting a baseball. I had caught the largest bass of the trip in pouring down rain. 

As the evening progressed and the adrenaline from catching my keeper largemouth bass had begun to fade, my friend and I decided we were ready to return to the bank and call it an evening; we had become wet, cold, tired, and desperately seeking dry, warm clothing.

Several years later, I learned that having and wearing the proper clothing when fishing can be vital to success. The weather should never keep you from enjoying your next fishing adventure.


Man fishing off the bow of his boat wearing Great Lakes Rain jacket and bibs


There are many advantages to staying on the water to continue fishing while it rains. Big bass often move around looking for bait when the sky is clouded and rainy. The runoff from rain can also increase the amount of bait spilling into the water, causing bass to be on the move in hopes of finding an easier meal. To ensure that anglers stay warm and dry for an extended period, it is vital to wear quality rain gear, such as the new Whitewater Great Lakes Fishing Jacket and Bibs. The Great Lakes series features durable ripstop nylon with a polyester lining that holds up to the most die-hard anglers. The waterproof lamination and taped seams keep fishermen dry in the harshest conditions. The Great Lakes series features two handwarmer pockets with Aquaguard zippers to keep anglers warm.


 Man on a fishing boat wearing the torque heated vest, Great Lakes bibs, and buoy heavy duty hoodie

Cold Weather


When some think of bass fishing, they often picture warmer spring weather or cruising down the rivers and lakes during the hot summer. However, winter bass fishing can be one of the best times of the year to catch big bass. During the cold winter, the fish group in deeper water to stay warm and hide out through the winter. The good thing for fishermen is that even when fish are in deeper water for warmth and trying to hide out, they must still eat to survive. If anglers can tough out the frigid winter temperatures, the chance of catching fish is likely.

For the anglers who don’t mind the cold weather when in pursuit of a winter bass, Whitewater Fishing has released one of the most innovative methods for anglers to keep warm that has ever been seen in the fishing community—the new Torque Heated Fishing Vest. Suppose eighty grams of Primaloft Silver insulation isn’t enough; in that case, a one-touch button that delivers three heat levels can keep fishermen warm and comfortable even on the most frigid winter days.

A built-in USB power cable in the pocket powers the Torque Heated Fishing Vest. By keeping the 5v/2A power bank portable power in the pocket, the angler can enjoy the warmth from two heating pads on the chest and the upper back. The Torque vest even features a DWR-treated nylon shell that helps repel moisture. When the angler is warm and dry, they only need to worry about having enough room in the live well to bring home their fish.



Jay Przekurat and Matt Schiefelbein fishing in the Whitewater Tech shirts

Warm & Hot Weather


As cold frigid temperatures can alter an angler's plans of being on the water, so too can the hot summer sun, causing fishermen to head to the bank for relief.

It is no secret that warmer spring days and the peak of the summer is the most popular time for the lakes and rivers to be filled with fishermen. During the spring, bass emerges from their winter hideouts, looking for food, and eventually move into their spawning stage, attracting anglers to spend as much time on the water as possible. The summer is when most people have extra time to spend with their family and friends, often on the lake or river fishing.

It can be an excellent time to find large bass groups in shallower waters during the hot summer when water levels often become much lower. The only negative for fishermen during this time is that many of these bass are often found in the shade, trying to keep cool. Because the angler cannot always run the boat directly over the fish, being in the shade isn’t an option if they want to catch them. To withstand the heat and keep skin from burning in the hot sun, anglers must wear sun-protecting clothing to extend their daily fishing time. Whitewater Fishing also offers Lightweight Tech Hoodies and Long Sleeve Tech shirts that feature a breathable 100% polyester stretch fabric that provides unparalleled comfort when fishing, plus sports UPF 50 UV protection against UVA and UVB rays—a hi-tech anti-microbial treatment to provide comfort and sun protection with moisture-wicking odor control.


One of the biggest debates amongst fishermen comes in the form of the best time to fish. The only correct answer is whenever the angler can go. When it is time to get on the water, brave the waves and never let weather conditions dampen the enjoyment of the outdoors again.


Outdoor Writer & Traeger Grills Outdoor Pro

Heath Wood resides with his wife Faron and their son Carson in Mountain View, Missouri. His writings have been published in many major hunting magazines such as Predator Xtreme, Bowhunting World, Deer and Deer Hunting, Gun Digest, Turkey Country, and Game and Fish. As well as several websites and blogs for over 15 years. His favorite topics include, but are not limited to deer, turkey, and predator hunting. 

Wood is a member of the Mossy Oak pro staff where he can often be found sharing tips and stories through his writings on He has also appeared on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World TV, Hunters Specialties The Stuff of Legends, Hunters Specialties popular DVD series Cuttin' and Struttin', and NWTF's Turkey Call TV. Heath loves helping introduce newcomers to the sport of hunting and working with the youth in any way possible.